Reflections on Leadership!

“Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less” says John Maxwell

American author, speaker, and pastor who has written over 86 books, primarily focusing on leadership.

This is indeed a very powerful and bold statement, as a leader are you focused on being a positive influence to those around you? Are you conscious of the fact that your leadership abilities or lack of can and will be consequential to those you are called to lead? Are you of the belief that leaders are born or rather that leaders can be trained? Interesting questions to ask oneself. Answering them will get you on the path of becoming a great leader, a person of influence.

Leaders are expected to lead and this begins by leading oneself. As John says, “True leadership always begin with the inner person” Be personally aware of your conduct, whether good or bad and accept responsibility. Ask yourself some questions, was my actions demonstrative of the leader I want to be? If not Why not? How can I improve? What steps can I take to be a better leader?

Reflect, Learn, Grow and Multiply (share with someone else)

It is important to note that leadership is not positional, so whether you are the CEO or the caretaker in the organization, you are all leaders in some form. whether at home, church, community or in the workplace. Recognizing this fact is very important, because in whatever aspect of life you lead be always intentional in adding value to others because it is never about you, rather it is about adding significance to those around you. Being able to connect and building relationships that fosters trust.

We is more important than me, The power of teamwork. Together we achieve more. “Be a river not a reservoir” What we have must flow through to others.

Am I intentional in my actions, showing those around us our heart letting them know that we care about them, having a positive and contagious attitude, and by our words, being encouraging and gracious towards others?

How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are mirrors of the mind. They reflect thinking says David Joseph Schwartz

Leader’s position their people well by making their team better, placing them in the best position that they are suited for so they can succeed. As a leader you do not succeed if you get to the finish line by yourself, a leader crosses the finish line with others, growing yourself means growing those around you. The ability to add value and positively impact the lives of others is Leadership.

As a leader always keep in mind what John say’s “Everything rises and falls on leadership” Ultimately, leadership is not about the great and glorious goals you achieved, rather it is about how you kept your team, your tribe focused and motivated to achieve their very best even in the worst of times. Even when the consequences mattered so much, yet you stood by them always supporting, encouraging, pouring into their lives, laying the groundwork for their success, empowering and then celebrating them, letting them shine.

Now that’s Leadership!

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