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Moving from Stuck to Unstuck by Mindset Change

Recognizing that once we change our mindset everything else would change along with it is a Game changer. Awareness of the fact that we determine our happiness by channeling a positive mindset that is not based on our circumstances will help us reset, refocus and adjust our mind. We will now focus, take stock of the things that we are blessed with show gratefulness not spending our time and energies on what we lack and other limiting beliefs. To see a better world, our mind just needs to be like a flexible mirror and all we need to do is adjust to gain a better view…

Are you stuck in your head vs your heart? Believe and know that your heart knows the answer, trust it, lead from it. Trust in a higher power, put it to Him Her and follow your heart. Remember to take time to breathe (inhale/exhale) whew. Release…Decide and take Action.

M represents ME, You must know that you own this. If it is to be it is up to me. Yes ME! I am responsible for my mindset and my MIND SET. Am I responding or reacting? How am I showing up every day? Am I focused on being a well-rounded individual physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally? Do I demonstrate an attitude of gratitude? Being grateful despite my circumstances 1Thess 5: 16-18 says 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Demonstrate Faith over Fear. It’s a choice.

How about if you are stuck in self vs others? Anyone out there who has been faced with this particular stucktivitiness? Realize the truth that you are enough. It is not about him or her. That other person ISN’T. Our success is 100% our responsibility. We are in control and totally responsible for our growth and development. It hasn’t nothing to do with our past conditioning.

I represents Intentionality, My mentor John Maxwell says “Intentional Living is all about that…being intentional. Growth does not happen by accident” We need to live each day with intention and anticipation making every single minute of each day count. Being intentional in your life is very important.

Set a plan, write out your growth goals for your day, month and year. You will be so glad You did! Intentional Living is a daily discipline that has helped me to focus on opportunities towards my growth and development, focusing inwards not outward.

Stuck in what you cannot control vs what you can control? Make a shift in your thinking, identify a minimum of three things that are in your control and work through those. Those that are outside of your control, let them go.

N represents Navigate, like your GPS if it takes you down the incorrect street, it will say re-routing and get you back on track, we too can re-route and reposition ourselves. So, let’s redirect and get on the path towards our journey. We must know when to say NO to things, ideas, causes that does not serve our purpose and Yes to those that do. Be accountable to someone who knows your dreams, hopes and desires and will hold you to them.

Are you stuck in your story? Anxious and wondering, why me? How about, why not me? Know there is a higher meaning to your life. As Tony Robbins says “Believe that life is always happening for you not to you”, You are who you are because of your story, know that you will make a difference in your world because of your uniqueness.

D represents Decision, Today make the decision to be the best version of You. A Paulo Coelho quote states “It's not enough to know what you want to do. You have to do it to be what you want to be.”

The goal is not necessarily to make the perfect decision, it is to move, grow, progress towards the goals that you have set for yourself. Achieving the results and success you desire will only come from you making the decision. Thus, it is very important that each and every day you are making decisions towards your dreams and aspirations. It

Stuck about what’s missing vs what you have? How about being appreciative for what you do have. Take a few minutes to take an inventory of all the things that you take for granted example I am so blessed (health, family, right mind, roof over my head etc. etc.) Being grateful and thankful truly for our blessings will get us in a mind frame of gratitude instead of one of lack.

S represents Self Concept What is my self concept? Do I see myself for who I truly am? As my favorite mentor says “You can never outperform your own self- concept. Let’s explore which area of your life is not as you desire? Whichever area it is for you, it will be your own self-concept that will need exploring. Know that you are fully resourced! You are enough…Here are some questions to ask yourself. What are some beliefs that are holding you back? Take them to court, challenge them and refute them. Tell them to leave your space, reset, stack the positive and keep moving forward. No looking backwards.

Stuck about being right vs wrong? Ask yourself, is it really that important for me to be right or do I want to be in love? Evaluate that last argument you had with your loved one, was it really worth the anger and contempt?

E represents Energy, what am I spending my energies on? How are you choosing to respond to what is happening to you? People can sense your energy, be authentic, caring, always thinking of others. Enjoy the music of life, dance, move, laugh, sing and push through no matter what.

Stuck seeking to be understood vs You understanding others? One of my favorite authors, Stephen Covey stated “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” It’s really Amazing when we practice this method. and let’s be honest, sometimes do we even understand ourselves? (laugh) oftentimes not really. Listening empathically to others and truly seeking to understand their perspective, views and mind frame is key to all human interactions. Ultimately, having a heart and mind that cares so deeply will result in deep connections and lead to becoming a person of influence.

T represents Teamwork, after all Teamwork makes the dream work. Having a group of individuals that share a common dream or goal working cooperatively together to achieve the desired results is an unstoppable team destined to be a Rock Star and a Super Team. We all want to be on that Team! I have worked on a team like that and I tell you we crushed all our goals and surpassed our metrics every time. Together we were able to achieve more than we would have been able to do separately.

In his book the 17 indisputable Laws of TeamWork, John Maxwell says “Nothing of significance was ever achieved by an individual acting alone. Look below the surface and you will find that all seemingly solo acts are really team efforts.” Thus, if you really want to do something great, please find a team that shares your passions, dreams and goals. Build a strong culture of values, seek to understand your team members and stay focused on the goal and there will be no limits of what can be achieved.

When each person on the team knows that they will benefit from the achievements and successes, their efforts will increase exponentially. Making sure that each individual team member feels valued is very important as well as recognized for their contributions, even those that aren’t the star performers.

Moving from Stuck to Unstuck by Mindset Change is an invaluable way to live one’s life and will allow focus, the ability to reset and refocus taking stock of the things that we are blessed with, having the ability to show gratefulness for the present and not spending time and energies on what is lacking and other limiting beliefs. To see a better world, our mind just needs to be like a flexible mirror and all we need to do is adjust to gain a better view…

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