Let it Shine!

My soul has been lit by the Spirit of God

Pulled from the abyss of darkness, sin and shame…

Oh, how blessed and thankful to be filled with Your Light!

Dear Savior help me to shine brightly to my neighbor

Yes, let me dispel the darkness with your Light

Reflecting You is what I must do…

That is MY very mission, seeking out the helpless and the lost

Those that are hurt, burdened, lonely, tired and broken

Reflect your light so all around can see is the commission

Indeed, I must hold your light for all to see

I want my Father, Mother, Brother, Sister

And the whole world to get a glimpse of You!

Dispel the darkness, Light the soul…

Yes! I will carry your light for all to see!

Dear Savior help me to shine brightly to my neighbor

Dispel the darkness, Light the soul…

Angela Baptiste

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