Discovering Your Why

Have you ever thought, what is my purpose here on this earth? Why am I here at this time and moment? What are my passions? What is my purpose? Do I know who I am? what and why I am here? What is the reason I do the things I do daily?

Being aware of who you are enables you to live a life that is true to your core beliefs and values. “to thine own self be true” says Polonius in Hamlet. Clearly to be true to yourself you have to know yourself….

So, how do we discover our Why? I believe that we do so by self-examination, by using probing questions such as: When am I at my best? My worst? What drives me? Fulfills me? In my current role what is my core purpose? Where do I add the greatest value? How will I measure my life? Answering these questions will allow you be able to define your why.

You may ask, is it important to know my why? The answer is a resounding yes… Knowing your why in life is key to giving yourself a clear direction, which provides confidence in your decision making because you are quite certain on why you do the things you do as well as why you choose not to do other things.

Defining your why, allows you to be able to focus your energy and efforts on the things that matter most to you in your life and choose to take risks despite the difficulties or obstacles faced to achieve those goals. Yes! Giving every bit of your Being, Your Whole heart and soul…

Knowing your why will definitely motivate you to take on more challenges that ultimately stretches you and takes you to another level of growth that you will be so inspired to keep on growing to your fullest potential…

Being able to live your purpose allows one the opportunity to always be exploring their vision of living a meaningful and fulfilled life and impacting those around them to do so as well. So, if you haven’t yet found your why, I challenge you to go discover it, because when you find Your Why, there will not be much that you are not able to do and your toughest days will become so much easier.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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